Let’s Not Meat, ‘kay?

My meat craving has subsided at long last. I managed to stay strong and not touch the remains of the turkey club in the fridge and the piece of steak the boyfriend brought home Monday and didn’t eat until today. I feel super accomplished.

Really though, it’d be great if I could get to the point where meat grosses me out. I don’t think that’ll ever happen though, if I’m being honest here. It’s just too tasty.

I joined a Facebook group recently called “What F.A.T. Vegans Eat” which is fantastic. It’s literally just a bunch of vegans posting pictures of whatever vegan delights they happen to be enjoying at the time. Not only does it make me feel like veganism is this really awesome club I’ve joined, it’s also given me some really good recipes and food ideas!

I’m in the middle of another test of willpower as I write this though. I just finished eating the last of the leftover TVP Sloppy Joe mix over rice with broccoli. It was tasty, but I’ve eaten it for dinner for the last three days and I’m REAL tired of it.


That’s not the test though. The test is that there was only enough for one more dish of this stuff, so rather than travel forth to acquire food for himself, the boyfriend made and is currently in the process of eating a pepperoni and cheese pizza.

Oh my gosh, the smell of it is divine.

I’m actually really full, plus everything I’ve eaten today has made me feel a little sick to my stomach, so I’m not going to cave. But why does it have to smell so good? I told him previously that he wasn’t allowed to make the frozen pizzas until I gave the go ahead because I wasn’t sure my willpower was up to it.

Pizza may not be my favorite food ever, but it’s still freaking pizza.

He got the go ahead tonight though. Hopefully he eats the whole thing. He won’t. I know he won’t, but a girl can dream, right?

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