Wheat Meat and Chik’n


I mentioned in my last post that seitan experiments would once again take place in my kitchen despite previously swearing it off.

Incentive: I still have some leftover tzatziki sauce my aunt made and what better use for it than to make a gyro?

With Google’s help, I found a seitan recipe that called itself “vegan gyro meat” and then I found two others just to see what the differences were. Then, using good old fashioned ingenuity, I took the best things about each of them and made yet another attempt at homemade seitan.


I’ll say it again. Eureka!

This log of  wheat meat doesn’t have that wheaty, gluteny taste I’ve previously complained about, and once you take those slices there and cook them in a little bit of oil and some more spices, you get something a lot like gyro meat. And then, if you’re really lucky, you have some actual awesome sauce leftover and you can make yourself a vegan gyro!


Stuff like this, ladies and gentlemen, makes being a vegan really easy and really delightful.

Unfortunately, while I still have more seitan and tzatziki sauce, I am out of pita bread. I see a trip to the grocery store in my future.

Speaking of the grocery store, I bought a bunch of different faux meats a few weeks ago and most of them are kind of icky, for lack of a better word. However, because my kitchen is bereft of pita bread or, for that matter, any other type of bread, I decided to make a wrap today with some MorningStar vegan chik’n strips.

I have some other MorningStar faux meats shoved in the freezer and based on my experience with them up till now, I wasn’t exactly excited to try these.

Let me just say that I should have been. Get a load of this:


I took one bite of this, yelled “How is this not chicken?!” and then immediately pulled the bag out of the freezer to re-read it and make sure I hadn’t accidentally bought actual chicken strips.

Sure enough, it’s soy. It’s actually, for realz, soy. But soy oh boy my friends (he he!), it’s basically chicken minus the death. Now I want to find an omnivorous friend, make them this exact wrap, tell them it’s chicken, and see if they can tell. My guess is that they couldn’t.

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